Tomode are back with their third single ‘Golden Retriever’. With news of a debut EP coming soon, the Swedish disco duo have ensured maximum buzz with the release of a song that aims solely to bring happiness into the world. Throwing no attention to negativity and focusing solely on being the bestest boy imaginable (seriously, I’m dying over the cover art.), it is a joy to listen to.

Packed with 80s synths and yacht rock influences, ‘Golden Retriever’ contains all the enthusiasm and energy of the real thing. Its intro shimmers with a dazzling display of synth goodness, before launching into a verse that absolutely slaps with sunshine. Soaring vocals are matched with bubbling basslines and equally glitzy piano keys, throwing a blanket of YAY all over you. Written about the pure innocence and naïve optimism that erodes as we grow older, this song certainly helps you experience that feeling once again.

‘Golden Retriever’ is a glorious song. It’s a straight up, feel-good tune that simply wishes to give everyone a good time, and what a good time it has provided. This is my go-to song for when the blues return. What a good boy.

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