Vansleep is identifiably (subjectively) the baby of Foals and Interpool. The indie quartet released their ep, (cleverly) titled, you should have said something, last November of 2020. The ep was a gigantic propeller for those of us searching for a fresh start this new year. Each and every piece pays due reflection to the role we play in our relationship’s shortcomings. Let’s unpack their three-song EP, shall we?

“Acid Weather” is the consummate opening track, an airy pop-rock ballad with a guitar riff composed of high-note melodies. This sets the home for lyrics that breed hope in shared hopelessness. The track is laden with satisfyingly somber phrases like, “Pull yourself together and pull yourself apart, in a lazy acid weather”. “Acid Weather” is the song one blasts as they drive through the places shared with a past lover, the anthem that acknowledges that dejection is pretty normal. Why hide behind a facade of perfection? 

The EP’s sophomore track, “Chambers“, is almost as domineering as a populist song. The most prominent element is an aggressive baseline which cascades in tandem with juxtaposing (initially) glacially paced lyrics. Kyle MacRitchie’s vocals are characterized by a warped contortion, as if they were extracted from a punk song played on a Crossly, complementing the riff profoundly:

“no matter what I do, I always seem to find a way to let you down” 

The EP concedes on their latest release stargazer. It unexpectedly introduces you to powerful yet spatial vocals with a few sporadic acoustic strums. A delayed guitar riff and the melodic juxtaposition between a frail drum beat enunciate a strong rhythm. The song is gorgeously layered. The postponed lead guitar entrance eventually dominates foreshadowing a number that stimulates muffled anger:

“I tell you baby i’ll never win, But you do you, you lead me on,  And you sing the words from a gun, That’ll shoot straight through my head.”

Although all three pieces maintain explicit low tones, you are guaranteed to find yourself tapping your foot reciting the chorus by at least the second listen.

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