Coming hot off the release of 2017’s Codeine EP, ‘Seventeen’ is the first taste of Welles in 2018. The singer-songwriter from Nashville has been steadily crafting a nice little space of the music industry for himself, with Codeine becoming a bit of breakthrough for him and the masses. ‘Seventeen’ aims to take hold of this new found buzz and look to absolutely knock the socks off these bees, and boy do you lose your socks.

Some songs have a great ability to be deceptive, and ‘Seventeen’ is no exception. Jesse Welles gives this track a fairly standard man-and-his-guitar intro, combining his warm voice with various acoustic chords which makes for pleasant, emotive listening, but then the chorus hits. Goodness me does it hit hard. Thunderous electric guitars rush the airwaves with a ballsy riff that tears through the pleasantries and forges an unexpected, rugged chorus that absolutely shreds, dude.

It’s certainly a surprise, but one that takes the song out from the crowd of acoustic songs and gives it that personality to be memorable, and a great way to kick off your output in 2018. ‘Seventeen’ is a solid track from Welles, and I’m excited to hear more from him. Now, where did my socks go?#

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