Tell you what, I am an absolute sucker for music that makes sweating in this heat bearable. I’ve been perspiring so much I’ve decided to embrace it. I’m on the hunt for music with the desire to make me SWEAT MORE. ‘Party’ is the new single from Wet Leather, who while also admitting that it’s too hot in their apartment, would probably be up for getting sweaty with me too. Let’s get sweaty, boys.

Throwing all of their Grunge-y-ness aside, Wet Leather decide to step away from all the noises made on last EP Present Lives and opt for something a little dancier instead. Coming in strong with a snappy drum + bass combo, these guys already have the foundation to a good sweaty song. It’s infectiously groovy, and the chorus erupts with a furious display of synths and guitars to make this subtlety dancy number explode into a glorious show of thunder music.

‘Party’ is a party that I don’t ever want to leave. Wet Leather has produced something that’s exciting and interesting without completely doing away with their old sounds and I hope it’s a sound they continue to explore for future releases. Now, somebody get the squeegee, I need to dry off.

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