We’re all too familiar now with the sound of a loved one’s voice through a tinny phone speaker, their entire existence a binary arrangement of pixels on a screen. ‘I Love You Too, Disembodied Voice’ is a track which explores the nature of relationships in the digital age, and how easy it can be to feel connected to another human merely via airwaves.

Taken from their upcoming EP of the same name, this single is an exemplar of DIY songwriter and producer wood ewe’s distinct style. In its essence, it’s a simple track, but still so evocative. Fusing their small-town folk roots with a shift toward electronica, wood ewe bring together muted drums, retro sounding keys, and gentle harmonies to exemplify a feeling we can all relate to. The expectation of constant communication online paves way for feeling like you’ve let someone down if you haven’t been in touch for a while – which is exactly what wood ewe address on the track.

Fans of lead single ‘I Love You Too, Disembodied Voice’ can look forward to the release of the full EP on 20th November, which will collate a series of tracks which at times can be bleak, with some added sweetness, and an overall delicacy that demonstrates wood ewe’s unique sound.

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