Canadian band Wrecked Beach releases their excellent debut album Eye Tide. It’s bold, brash and ready to swing; the perfect mind-set to have when entering Canada’s acclaimed clothing-optional beach.

All clothing aside, Eye Tide is a record that celebrates noise. Garage Rock and Surf Rock come together to form a groove-focused set of songs that’ll make you wish to be splashing with your ham out. Opening track ‘Fried’ clatters into view with a rush of guitars and keys that stumbles its way into a riff that moves the hips. I love the melodies that hang onto the vocals, and the sheer volume Wrecked Beach bring to the ears. The addition of handclaps transports you to the beach, surrounded by people all cheering on the band. Oh man, I miss having a social life.

‘Fade’ features a straight-forward bassline accompanied with mindless harmonies and synths that seem to wander out to sea. It’s a collision of sounds that somehow takes structure amongst the rubble, driven into the mind by that powerful bass. ‘Up All Night’ shines as the midway point of the album as it compacts the elements already heard into one tight little tune, before moving onto the more emotive ‘Daydream’.  

Eye Tide is a fantastic album from Wrecked Beach. It’s a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is happy to let loose. The instrumentals feel almost fluid in their execution, seemingly cobbling together nearby sounds and ideas to produce something that doesn’t sound too refined. The result of this is a record that always sounds on the verge of collapse, making it one the most enthralling of the year.

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