Young Winona are back with their new single ‘LA Waste’. It’s their first since debut “Reptile Lover / The Girl in Black” back in 2019, and boy are they back with a vengeance. Written about the duality of living in LA, the trio detail the struggle of maintaining an identity whilst living in a world where wealth and poverty are always on display.

Packed with all the sludge you could ever need, ‘LA Waste’ tears through the airwaves with a gusto stemmed from frustration. At first it creeps into the room with muted guitars and a lowkey beat, making little noise that intrigues as much as it unnerves. Cassie Gaffaney’s voice projects a similar vibe, letting out an understated set of vocals that fits within the track’s dusty tone.

It doesn’t take long for your attention to be got as the trio ramp up the volume. The guitars unleash a mammoth set of riffs as they break free from their chains. Ripping through the atmosphere with drums that rumble with power. It sounds awesome and reminds me of the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Kyuss in their ability to flood your ears with pure noise. ‘LA Waste’ is an excellent song, and a listen that absolutely deserves to be noticed when it hits the room. I’m excited to hear where Young Winona go from here.

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